Eutechnyx & ZeroLight Sponsor ExpoTees Awards

May 20, 2015 - 5:30pm

Eutechnyx, along with sister studio ZeroLight, had the honour of supporting the 10th Annual ExpoTees Awards @ Teesside University last week.

This is the second year running we’ve sponsored the Games Programming Award at the event and so, with ZeroLight also sponsoring the newly established Graphics Prize, we took a team of staff to Teesside to judge the entries.

As always the competition was tough and the projects on display demonstrated the creativity and technical skills of the programmers exhibiting. It was great to see how much work had gone into the presentation of the projects themselves and that the students had really considered how they would pitch their work to the visiting employers.

It wasn’t all about the Programmers though! We also had the opportunity to look around the projects of the Art, Animation and Games Design students.

It’s fair to say we were blown away by the breadth of talent on show and the enthusiasm of the students exhibiting. It was really difficult to determine who would walk away with both prizes on offer but in the end we decided that the significant technical detail in Wesley’s ‘City-Wide AI Agent Planning Simulation’ and the pleasing graphical quality of Marco’s ‘Real-time Rendering of Deep Water Volumes’ made them stand out as our winners.

Our own former Level Up Academy members Luke & Danny presented the Games & Graphics Awards in the ceremony, ending a great day out for the team.

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