Eutechnyx Rocks Game Horizon with ZeroLight Talk

We were delighted to be asked to take part in this year’s Game Horizon conference to showcase some of the amazing work we’ve been up to over the last year, in particular with our ZeroLight division. The 20 minute slot titled “Observations of exporting games technology and expertise out of the games industry” allowed us to share some of the things we’ve observed and learnt from our experiences in dealing with new industries. The journey we’ve been on selling our technology and expertise into non-gaming sectors with our ZeroLight virtual showrooms has been a richly rewarding but also challenging one and we felt that sharing our experiences would be interesting and useful for the Game Horizon 2014 attendees.

ZeroLight executive producer Doug Wolff delivered the talk and highlighted some of our learnings across areas including the language and cultural differences between industries, the different but ultimately beneficial project management processes and the challenges around selling disruptive technologies into large corporations. The presentation ended on something we feel very passionately about – that the games industry is packed full of talent and that the work we do every day may seem normal to us, but outside of the industry it is amazing - and in some cases light years ahead of what other sectors can achieve. There is an awe and an intrigue about our industry and sometimes you need to step outside of it to see it.

Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved in organising and attending the conference and for making Game Horizon not only a highlight of the North East events calendar but of the gaming industry’s calendar.