Free-to-Play Game Races Across 135 Countries and Regions Worldwide

Gateshead, UK – February 20, 2014 – CROOZ, Inc. an international giant in the development and publishing of mobile games, today released ACR DRIFT™, a free-to-play, competitive automotive racing title, onto iOS devices. Inspired by the free-to-play PC racing series Auto Club Revolution ( from Eutechnyx, a leading independent developer of motorsport titles, ACR DRIFT’s launch brings blinding-fast speed, competitive action, and elegant visuals to players in nearly 135 nations and regions worldwide.

“Our partnership with CROOZ has expanded the Auto Club Revolution onto new platforms for new audiences in a fresh way,” noted Darren Jobling, CEO of Eutechnyx. “ACR DRIFT strikes its own course as a game developed natively for iOS while staying faithful to the spirit and drive of our franchise. It demonstrates the potential for collaboration between game makers as new digital opportunities arise.”

Blending easy, swipe-and-slide controls with accessible gameplay mechanics and a stunning graphical display, ACR DRIFT is all about mastering the art of the corner turn at high speeds. Tight spaces, tight bends, and oncoming obstacles challenge players’ dexterity and reflexes in both single and multiplayer modes across over 25 courses from around the planet, including metropolitan Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Moscow, as well as waterfront Hong Kong and Italy. Players can personalize and drive more than 50 vehicles from some of the world’s most exotic supercar manufacturers – including Bugatti, Bentley, Koenigsegg, and Mercedes-Benz – with a far-reaching assortment of custom auto parts and graphics. The game also includes premium in-app purchases to further its range of optional fine-tuning and customization choices.

ACR DRIFT is now available to download for free on iPhone and iPod touch 5th generation and later devices, as well as iPad 3rd generation and later. A major content update will add real-time, online, bumper-to-bumper multiplayer to ACR DRIFT shortly after release.

About Eutechnyx
Eutechnyx is the world’s leading independent motorsport game developer & publisher. With a history spanning over 25 years, the studio has won numerous awards for its million-plus selling titles and garnered exceptional acclaim in the business sector. As well as its headquarters in Gateshead (UK), the company has studios in Hong Kong, Chengdu (China) and Charlotte (USA).
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About CROOZ, Inc.
CROOZ is an entertainment company. We deliver online content on a global scale, with a focus on social network games.
Our sales make us a leading domestic provider of social applications, and we are expanding across the globe, with offices in San Francisco, Singapore, South Korea, and Europe. Our recent offerings include our first worldwide mobile app, ACR Drift, which we plan to release in 135 countries, and social network games such as The Knights of Avalon, Ragnabreak, and HUNTER×HUNTER Battle Collection—which always rank among the top games on Mobage, a large Japanese social gaming platform.
We also run an online shopping site, “ by CROOZ”, where customers can buy fast fashion clothing—the latest catwalk trends at affordable prices—for women, men, and children.

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